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My in Escherion's Armor.

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1903 days ago

My in Escherion's Armor.


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aqwkillssouls 1822 days ago

whats with the glowing eyes??

AliQeks 1862 days ago

i have to say this but the helm makes you look like an ant

emortalwarrior 1888 days ago

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NalokAE 1901 days ago

: Yeah, the 2nd lords

domen94 1901 days ago

i wonder... will there be female lords of chaos?

Trog_AK 1901 days ago

I'm about to stab myself in the hand. This will NOT drop for me.

khari1397 1902 days ago

wait mem er non ???????????//

Aqwnaruto7890 1902 days ago

nice!!! its just ahrd to get though XD

jbregala 1902 days ago

oh men! please don't make escherion's area member! :((

inmycontrol 1902 days ago

Grammar error, its Me not My. And what does the female version of escherion look like :p

Bramman111_0001 1902 days ago


DatIbby 1902 days ago

The armor is non mems and the area is mems only

AQWUser 1902 days ago

@ domen
Err, the armor is members, and its drop in Escherion fight. Which is a nonmem zone

Kord228 1902 days ago

there is a pet. its frogerion

kinzvlle 1903 days ago

nooooooooo why why why i thought you were on are side

domen94 1903 days ago

scroll down a little and read cysero's post

kdawg3000 1903 days ago

what? the Escherion fight can be reached by non-members

domen94 1903 days ago

as seeing from cysero's char page and what cysero said below, it's non member, but only avalable in mem-only area (for mambers and future ex-members!)

JoshIcy 1903 days ago

Omg... I'd love this if it were color custom Dx

Irradicable 1903 days ago

Cy!!! I need it /now!!!/