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Reviews editor for Destructoid, host of Jimquisition on The Escapist, and lover of Xenomorphs. My Tweets are MINE and represent nobody else. Thank God for me.

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This is the greatest comment I have EVER received as a writer!

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1762 days ago

This is the greatest comment I have EVER received as a writer!


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Fozzyozzy 1762 days ago

What is this thing you call a "sh!td!ck" ? A shot duck? Or perhaps a shut dock. His censorship is too enigmatic.

randombullseye 1762 days ago

Just wanted to comment on a Jim Sterling comment.

ErigBurger 1762 days ago

Is a "shitdick" a dick covered in shit or a dick MADE of shit? What is the fascination trolls have with ass cancer lately? And where can I get a double bacon mayonnaise sandwich? SO MANY MYSTERIES!!


shipero 1762 days ago

Well, I know what I'm having for lunch now.

jonboris 1762 days ago

mmmmm bacon wrapped bacon. His angry words just make me hungry

mediabane 1762 days ago

If double bacon mayonnaise sandwiches won't cause ass cancer, I don't know what will.

My favorite part is how you bend over backwards for Microsoft because their name describes your dick so perfectly. See, I blame our public schools for not teaching t

ydarkage 1762 days ago

Man.. ps3 fanboys are quite Creeeezy!!

James_El 1762 days ago

Was the fellow promptly banned ?

sevenisyellow 1762 days ago

I want a double bacon mayonnaise sandwich right now.

DanielClancy 1762 days ago

Mmmm, I had bacon last night. I really fancy some pigs in blankets now. Roll on CHRISTMAS!

or should I say CHR!STMAS ! ?

hentaiman3d 1762 days ago

imagine this champ's face as he was typing this. so good. hate filled tears streaming past his bum fluff tash. brucewang is a master of zingers

StevePhoenix 1762 days ago

awesome. Also if he's not really called Bruce Wang he should change his name to it, immense.

Sup3rt3d 1762 days ago

I don't know about anythig else but bacon wrapped bacon sounds absolutely delicious. Where does one buy such a thing?

ACDiplomat 1762 days ago

Oh thanks heaps Sterling, now I want a double-bacon mayo sandwich! :/

Senisan 1762 days ago


_Cataract 1762 days ago

Congratulations, Jim. You've made it.