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Jemini makes it to and the #4 Girl of Dragoncon!

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2689 days ago

Jemini makes it to and the #4 Girl of Dragoncon!


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BurceChuat 2607 days ago

I know where we could get that model of lightsaber. More, too :P

Monferno_AQW 2612 days ago

Wow. Hope you don't mind me sayin' this, Jemini, but you're hot.

AqwChill 2613 days ago

YAY FOR HER! but beleen hits #1

AQWorldsJAK 2681 days ago

ok... i just want to know 1 thing... WHO IS THAT!?!?

inmycontrol 2685 days ago

I bet Beleen hits #1 >,>

Meister874 2688 days ago

I love the Maxim part of the image and reading.

callumparker666 2688 days ago

WOW, she looks amazing!

Legnave_FEZero 2688 days ago

she's purdy. w2g jemini!

Slashuur 2688 days ago

I am a geek. You're a geek. We all are geeks... basically...
And "geek = nerd", so... yeah...

ShadowAE 2688 days ago

Is that a wig?

dead124 2688 days ago

wow i cant believe that she is so beautiful!!

chriszx93 2688 days ago

but AE is an awesome team non or less!

chriszx93 2688 days ago

Yeah. Most MMO teams suppose to have these NERD peps in it.......If AE has handsome and Cute girls like her, and their SUPPOSE to NERDS, then what do they look like W/O being nerds? O.o...Anyway, AE isn't a nerd place...MAYBE geeks (heck, everyone is geek

Xx_dMp_xX 2688 days ago

LOL!! I saw the pictures of the other girls in She looks AWESOME compared to the other girls. LOL

chriszx93 2688 days ago

She actually is like doing a girl pose of the pose sonic does at the cover of "Sonic And The Black Knight"

Xx_dMp_xX 2689 days ago

Its a jedi barbie

chriszx93 2689 days ago

Woah! Jemini looks awesome! And what costume is that? Never seen it anywhere before.

Xx_dMp_xX 2689 days ago

Wow! Unbelievable! Is that really jemini? Never thought a woman like that would like sci-fi.

YamiKakyuu 2689 days ago

That needs to be an armor in AQW, its that darn awesome!

Vamparagon 2689 days ago

Also, the resemblance to Yvonne Strahovski is uncanny o-o'