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Oh check this out. The road near my house gave me a little gift this morning to start my day

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2604 days ago

Oh check this out. The road near my house gave me a little gift this morning to start my day


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tsilva34 2411 days ago


alika72 2515 days ago

oh wow!!! that sucks!! bad piece of metal..bad..bad..shame on u!! LOL! sorry! hope ur day got better!

davids_angel7 2554 days ago

That sucks! I would of been pissed off!

tzibell 2554 days ago

Ohh lord. lol

BajanJR 2554 days ago

lol interesting

paigexmustang 2563 days ago

When me and my family were on the way to Alabama this summer, we got a nail in our tire like on the last bit of highway before the nowhere roads that get to my mom's childhood house, like, no joke. And in the middle of the night. But some nice country fol

gigiitalia 2580 days ago

that sucks:(((

mppcc 2580 days ago

You have some inside tire wear. I think your alignment may be off. You need to adjust the toe.

Calibreeze64 2585 days ago

Hey it could be worse I once had a friggin' wrench in my the heck do these things get in there??

PLUTO479 2588 days ago

Happy morning to you! That sucks

jesuslives321 2602 days ago

"10 miles from town.. and I just broke down" NOT good!

underthekenn 2603 days ago

Looks like the batmobile is in the shop, better get alfred on it.

ilovedaughtry 2603 days ago


delta27 2603 days ago

Bad Luck!!! Oh well, you can hook up your car so it wont roll away ;)

BigBrianB 2603 days ago

Looks like the opener key from a can of SPAM,,,talking about problems with SPAM :-) Should have stayed with us in Nuernberg, Chris :-)

beancountercam 2603 days ago

Can't beleive you had the frame of mind to tweet this...I would've been too smokin' mad to think of twitter!

boybandfan 2603 days ago

That majorly sucks!

birdietalk 2603 days ago

Not good! neither is your tire, haha.
just a funny to end your day... Good nite

PYSucre 2603 days ago

Yikes! Is that a truck?

brian_abud 2603 days ago

wow...stinks 4 u...sry...but at least u got a truck or something?