Eddie Izzard


I'm a British European, I think like an American and I was born in an Arabic country

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2453 days ago


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mlbear 2409 days ago

Looking spectacular!

Radiop1 2413 days ago

Concur w/exscot. Cannot identify specifically y this pic is so appealing, but is very handsome.

orillasound 2413 days ago

oh you have a flag?? this is your country then :):)

kurtismarsh 2415 days ago

not the bunnies OH nooooooooooooo

Hungry_Joe 2416 days ago

Where did those muscles come from? You hid those well! I bet you still glance with pride at that vein creeping up your bicep. Rightly so.

lemonyellowsun_ 2416 days ago

Nice legs!! :P

izbutt 2436 days ago

ha ha i live there and now i may have to make a pair of ears for our lovely sign!! :-)

AndrooStanley 2439 days ago

I live there and it's great. My kids say they saw you run past their school. Sweet! You are an inspiration, Mr I!

nil 2447 days ago

many congratulations! well done! d^_^b

Barontwit 2448 days ago

You are master and king of all Bunnies

Miss_Brodi 2450 days ago

lol "bunny". u look very proud, everyone is proud of u an russel brand is also lol

KDBB212 2451 days ago

you make me smile! luv the executive biceps

ricardian2005 2451 days ago

keeper !!oh you look verrrrrry good bellisima !one of the perks of the job is leaving lil messages to the wife when you work in the signs dept ...if she sees you she wont be watching the road xxx

gratz11 2451 days ago

I was so worried about your ankle! Thank goodness you're doing well! You are a super person!

middle8misse 2452 days ago

I hope you flagged those speeding bunnies down GOOD AND PROPER!!! you had a photo taken yesterday with my lovely son-in-law Sam at Bunny Petrol Station, made my day, Sir, Thanks and good luck xx

suzaku7 2452 days ago

and bunny was never the same

RheaSilva 2452 days ago

You look fantastic! I think I'm starting to like this sexy, rugged Mr. Izzard just as much as the lovely dress-donning one ;)

Shellybed 2452 days ago

You look very proud, and deservably so :o) Well done Eddie nearlly there.

bedhead3 2452 days ago

you should be as proud of yourself as you look ther are 1000's of us who are just that..right behind you xx

exscot 2452 days ago

you are looking GOOD Mr. Izzard!