scott mescudi


im just a man with the gift of song. my music is one small step for me, one giant leap for all wierdkind

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1929 days ago


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JenHatesRobert 1584 days ago

best album ever!<3333(:

theNUcreation_ 1920 days ago

I loveee it!

MF_JIGJAM 1925 days ago

youre right it is Dope yo

LeaveItUp2Mel 1926 days ago


msmartinezjones 1926 days ago


lowluxe 1927 days ago


ula_b 1928 days ago

damn. i want one :/

Loverlyz 1928 days ago

peep the mario and the donald duck in the back....ha ha thats dope Cudi

Rhomeal 1928 days ago


jocelinjae 1928 days ago

this better be your disguise!!

uniquedesigns 1928 days ago

this is ill! I want one!

sneaksNheelz 1928 days ago

I'm ready!!

Cleve_me_alone 1928 days ago

i want vinyl motm

Treyskyhigh 1928 days ago

lol whoops scott lol

Treyskyhigh 1928 days ago

lol this is so kool man cant wait till that album drps man imma get the regular and the deluxe jus for the hell of it lol...nice keep bringing more of that good music let the whole world know who scoot mescudi is...dream on good shyt lol

kidd_kelz 1928 days ago


_OhMyDarling 1928 days ago

Shyt like this is y ur so DOPE:)

Camera_Candi 1928 days ago

ha! i love it!

bu_the_lp 1928 days ago


valerievegaa 1929 days ago

ughh!! i want mine already