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why oh why must i wake up to this EVERYMORNING? "Bakugon activate"!

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1838 days ago

why oh why must i wake up to this EVERYMORNING? "Bakugon activate"!


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caleblee81 1830 days ago

Try stepping on one when you and ya lil guys fall asleep on the couch and you have to take them to the room.

txguhl 1834 days ago

I feel u...I have bakugons and pokemon cards all over my house. I even had some in my bed until I just threw them across the damn room!lol

MoNiqueforkids 1836 days ago

Bakugon. My 6 year is obsessed with them. This reminds me of the obsession with beyblades and Pokémon.

opaya 1838 days ago

'cause this it favourite games! lol

_MhmItsRIE 1838 days ago

luv n dha air luv u solange n b33

Shu_Si 1838 days ago

haha. Bakugon is from Naruto!! Neji.

mesosassy 1838 days ago

That is funny. Everytime I go to the store its can you buy me some.yugio cards I understand

Mire_ 1838 days ago

Hahah my brother is also obsessed with Bakugan-he even thought me all the rules of the game,but so are millions of kids around the world-but hey it's good to see ur kid so passionate abt something heheh

MzSkiiTz 1838 days ago

hahaha. omg my son is obsessed wit that ish. he saves his money for the little bakugon balls. (which happen to be 10$ per 1 inch ball) smh...

DannyDefined 1838 days ago

Is that your secret hobbie! lol:) Wot is it Digimon?

mannystrong 1838 days ago

hey i know how u feel. my son is the same way toys or games every where.

NandiLiCiOuS 1838 days ago

hahaha! awww cuteness!

_michelina 1838 days ago

my nephew has tons of these things. They never open when I roll them, tho. Kids have that "touch", I guess.

_ethatsme 1838 days ago

Well every generation has them, remember Pokemon?! Lol

theoldskoolkid 1838 days ago

LOLLLLLLLLL...Poor solo..