Eddie Izzard


I'm a British European, I think like an American and I was born in an Arabic country

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2645 days ago


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Morseman 2633 days ago

"Twinned with Hillsunder?" I live in a place called 'Hillstown', which is in, guess where? - Yep, Bolsover. LOL

jodi_armistead 2643 days ago

it was brillaint that you popped into school yesterday and even stopped for some lunch, Pat's special pasta. The kids in my form were really impressed that you took the time out to sit and eat lunch with them. What you are doing is amazing, I ran 1 marath

ritzay 2643 days ago

And after Bolsover will be the zany community of Partysover just over there to your right, notice the ...

ShutIn 2644 days ago

Ballsover :D

MarieAnson 2644 days ago

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our school on your run today. Good luck with the rest of the run and can't wait to see you arrive in Trafalgar Square on the 15th. x

janhoppo 2644 days ago

The Action Transvestite rocks! And those LEGS Eddie.......... Worth watching your docs on BBC 3 just to see them. Love you lots.

westmeadhawk 2644 days ago

You're no Bolsover Eddie, you Iz a LEGEND! A pleasure to sponsor your megawoollymammothmarathonrunnagewithbellsonyourtoes if not toenails :-( and really hope to clap your finish in London next week!

redlolly1968 2644 days ago

Hope you enjoy the Lucozade Eddie.!! :-) Great to speak with you in Notts. You're an inspiration

rdkillers 2644 days ago

The flying Lizzard its all down hill from here Twitter expliots the mentally ill http://viciousmalcious.blogspot.com/

roo_bux 2644 days ago

Eddie you used my toilet in New Houghton! So glad to meet you! :D

btracy116 2644 days ago

Eddie, you are amazing!!! You're such an inspiration, and even though I don't have a pot to piss in, I couldn't help but make a donation today. Best of luck in the home stretch!!

hollieajohnson 2644 days ago

You are amazing Eddie. I'm rooting for you from smalltown, USA

dnight71 2644 days ago

go Eddie GO!!!!

tammymjones 2644 days ago

the town name reads like a slang term used in the U.S. can't help but giggle a little:)

aliispally 2644 days ago

You are nearly there Eddie. Not far to go now. What you are doing is incredible and an inspiration.

thewrayfamily 2644 days ago

950 miles! Utterly amazing! And we know your poor feet are hurting so much. Keep going Eddie!!!

kates48 2644 days ago

Did you see The Beast?

daskirchen 2644 days ago

ähhhh jap

claywoman 2645 days ago

Oh sure... skip the day off... now you've got them running in circles trying to find you! I'll bet you're having a good laugh :D Don't skip lunch or dinner, keep the tank above empty ;)

sask__ 2645 days ago

anyone going to notts this afternoon?