Eddie Izzard


I'm a British European, I think like an American and I was born in an Arabic country

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SLeimbach 2647 days ago

Lovely. Rule of Thirds comes naturally to the artist's eye!

Tartanslass 2647 days ago

looked like someone was sky writing and gave up, lol. The road less travelled, I love it.

hangglidded 2647 days ago

u r the bees knees!

ricardian2005 2647 days ago

missed this one till now .your nightime stuff is just beautiful i would love giant size pictures to frame of these..the light and compostition are just asmashing...... and the sky like you is bellisima x

Natteringblonde 2647 days ago

Beautiful, but I believe I hear toes crying.

theukisonmyface 2647 days ago

My American brain can't comprehend the double dotted white line with interconnecting white lines! What sort of wizardry is this?!

MrsTad 2647 days ago

You rock, Mr Izzard. We adore you.

lornasingh 2647 days ago

Love your photos.

tammymjones 2647 days ago

wow that is a really pretty sky...I love these photos:)

dnight71 2647 days ago


acidjazz_singer 2647 days ago

This is an amazing photo. And you are an amazing person.

chanakhya 2647 days ago

You will remember this for the rest of your life. Well done!!!

d3phkon 2647 days ago

Gah, I hate runs where you can see the route for miles down...it makes it seem soooo much longer T.T just know that Marines everywhere, at any given time of day, know more or less how you feel...'cept most of us hate running ^_^

clarebjackson 2647 days ago

Eddie you rock:)

chief_pixie 2647 days ago

Truely inspirational - I honestly don't know how you are doing it!

MrsPudge 2647 days ago

Bring me that horizon! I so wish I could run, jog, even walk toward it but sadly those days are gone now. Eddie, my hero, you are amazing! Not long to go now, just keep on keeping on.

jiimmyl 2647 days ago

Go on my son! Not far to go now!

sianwilliams7 2647 days ago

every step is a step closer, it must be worth all the pain to see the country the way you have, have a fab day & take care.

jfo1976 2647 days ago


JulieSchofield 2648 days ago

Saw you jogging and talking on "Calendar" last night. You are doing brilliantly... hope to see you in London for the finish. You are an amazing man testing yourself like this for charity.