Eddie Izzard


I'm a British European, I think like an American and I was born in an Arabic country

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2603 days ago


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ricardian2005 2603 days ago

and you are doing greatttttttt im missing all this live as it were because of work but keeping up all the same......very proud it must be very hard bella x

ricardian2005 2603 days ago

so this is what you do on your day off..you must admit its a lady/mans perogative {cant spell} to change her mind oh well we just get to do the five song sooner than we thought bellisima you really are..x

tulaphone 2603 days ago

Great to see you in Bolsover today, it's a great shame that there will be no footage of the castle in your film, their loss, you are doing an amazing job. x

weewatto 2603 days ago

Welcome fella, it's a grand day for it :) Just imagine you're Lizzie Bennett, she loved Derbys. too.

rachelpearce 2603 days ago

Oh you are doing brilliantly. Hope you enjoy Derbyshire on this beautiful day. Think I will miss you unless you are coming through Matlock

Razielshayla 2603 days ago

don't forget the snail has the right of way. :) he was there first :p

itsamishmash 2603 days ago

oh i used to live near this sign! well done eddie! love ur work

Leeky54 2603 days ago

Hi Eddie ur doin a great job where can i find out the rest of ur route??

andi678 2603 days ago

Heard you on the radio this morning,You're doing fantastic & are an inspiration, keep going & welcome to my beautiful county!!x

stig25uk 2603 days ago

Welcome to the best county in the country!

Saljahn 2603 days ago

It's a beautiful September morn, Eddie. Hope it helps with your running. Almost there!

pinktank1 2603 days ago

If you find yourself in Derby, carful where you stop, or you will need new Tyres, & Undies

missgvus 2603 days ago

Welcome to Derbyshire it's a beautiful day

Lorrcamp 2603 days ago

When in Town Slow Down. Go Eddie XXxxxxxxx

Shellybed 2603 days ago

Well done Eddie, nearlly finished. You won't know what to do with yourself after :o)

BradleySinger 2603 days ago

was just about to say dont walk to fast but already said that

LilMzSnowbunny 2603 days ago

dont go too fast :)