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2690 days ago


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keviomero 2690 days ago

nattile will get jessie, jeff Michele's, maybe ruscle

keviomero 2690 days ago

if kevin wins he needs to take jordan to final two because she will only get Jeff's vote and maybe Michele's

atkinsgirl 2690 days ago

Omg I hope kevin boots nat out on her jazz!

tiea_aeon 2690 days ago

#BB11 has allowed both Nat/Kev to cheat now for some time,even helping,letting them keep the calendar made from candy,this will be the year floaters/cheaters win,rather then people who played an honest game. :kevin was walking sideways the whole ti

gma917 2690 days ago

natalie drops on her own

gma917 2690 days ago

poor thing. she brings them towels. if she only knew

gma917 2690 days ago

and they were to walk facing front. kevin was walking sideways the whole time

gma917 2690 days ago

i knew she wouldnt last and like kevin said she wont win tomorrow either. she is just too lisht in the head. she gives blonds a bad name and i really liked her

FullofGiggles 2690 days ago

yeah, but if Kevin and Natalie had listened to the rules, they would have been disqualified by now, so it's all in production's hands.. pfttt!

danniegirl14 2690 days ago

OMG now we all know who is the final 2 if I am wrong I will totally be shocked. This so sucks I wanted Jordan to win but she was kind just floating along in the game once jeff was gone I knew it was gonna be over for her.

manofgas 2690 days ago

hahahahahahaha down goes jordon