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1766 days ago


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Lee_Mariela 1045 days ago

hahahaha xD

CrzyNJoyful 1116 days ago

Haha! lol :D

MinaRockett 1131 days ago

I have noticed tht... right there is says gay mature dating... *ignor

momoeshyyyii 1159 days ago

Father and son Happy Ever After :)

Jesssika_teamo 1296 days ago

LOL! thats so funny

yin_karen 1458 days ago


BreAnnaTheChink 1608 days ago

Are we Suppose to laugh at Your Faces? Or the Ad Saying Say Mature Dating Ahaha X)

Melisa34x 1609 days ago


aviiisaurus 1763 days ago


aviiisaurus 1763 days ago


ayeeeannieee 1763 days ago

my stomach hurts...from laughing!

eunhae123 1764 days ago

.........ewwwwww...........tats messed....a dilf.........omg
ewwwww but great pic

CeeCubed 1764 days ago

He-e! insanely inappropriate indeed... =)

Razzillia 1764 days ago

no words can describe how amazingly messed up this is

rainmanbrainman 1764 days ago

It reminds me of an ad for OREOs that flashed on when Obama was campaigning last year (ie black on the outside, white on the inside for younger readers).

raisedbyasians 1765 days ago

Oh my, how awkward. What up with all these random Youtube ads anyway? They're so annoying.

antisocial_ 1765 days ago

LOOOOOOOL *wallpapers* jk

Talarawr 1765 days ago

haha this is amazing xD

Millie_Anne96 1765 days ago

Haha!!! Someone set you up 4 that!!! lol

swarleyroland 1765 days ago

lmao! :D