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2606 days ago


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GCrowe5 2599 days ago

Like her boyfriend cares...he looks like a big goob anyway. She is probably the only girl he can find that would date him.

Mike_Tweeted 2599 days ago

JORDO for the Win! The gnat will be squashed!! sincerely, handymike!

Alex_Sexton 2606 days ago

Sore loser. Sore winner. What a snaky little twerp. Hopefully there isn't really ring waiting for her when she gets home...if that guy has ANY common sense...

loritoburito 2606 days ago

I am embarrassed to live in the same state as her.

erikamicheller 2606 days ago


jennco93 2606 days ago

WHAT'S NEW? She can't win shit without cheating some how. She'll ALWAYS be a LOSER in my eyes!

LYLYLYj 2606 days ago

This is not the 1st time Nat has cheaked at pool with Kev. Once took an extra shot when he was called to DR then put a ball in pocket b4 he came back

jacklyn_denise 2606 days ago

Her boyfriend may believe she has done everything from back-stabbing and flirting as part of the game but I hope he watches this and realizes she is just a liar and cheater. She cant even do simple tasks and play simple games without cheating and lying. I

erikamicheller 2606 days ago

someone please knock this biotch out!!!! PURDY PLEASE!

kshookie 2606 days ago

If my boyfriend just proposed to me I believe I would be kissing and hugging him not sitting across the room from him

Bearsfan37 2606 days ago

Is Isabel this nasty bitch's sister?

NewfieDaBrat 2606 days ago

hahaha... well its kinda funny that he is stupid enough to trust her. He has called her out a few times for cheating yet he still plays with her!

Isabel_Camacho 2606 days ago

Haha that's right girl, while you're in the BB house it's ok to cheat.... I hope you win!!! Go Nat

jacklyn_denise 2606 days ago

She said on her blog, thanks to all my fans........Does she not realize she doesnt have any fans?

mikma 2606 days ago


wil_stryder 2606 days ago

Jordan needs to fight for it

wil_stryder 2606 days ago

In her blog she was saying she's helping Kevin to restore his faith in Jesus. WTF?! I just want to throw up when isee or hear her.

Hammerinhank899 2606 days ago

I hope Jordan is crowned the winner of Big Brother 11!!!! She really deserves it!!!!

Sheliabluerose 2606 days ago

She is such a spoiled brat!!! No wonder she worships Chima! I feel sorry for fiance' #bb11

Sheliabluerose 2606 days ago

I think Kevin is about done with Miss Thang!! Here's Hoping!! If he is it took him long enough! #bb11