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Still working on the record.

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1777 days ago

Still working on the record.


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pitty_5 1716 days ago

dont worry guys we can wait for u, untill u have it done... (love ur music)

pitty_5 1716 days ago

Don't worry guys, im pretty sure we all can wait for u till u have it done. (love ur music)

michellegarrity 1764 days ago

Looking good guys !!

bamanti 1769 days ago

cant wait for the new tracks....yay..

XRHIANNONxX 1773 days ago

AHHH i can't WAITTT i love you james&jesse:)

M5mejane 1776 days ago

:)you guys look great! I can't wait to hear the new music! Thanx M5!

Patxisha 1776 days ago

Lol, that's not the picture of a Hard Work but I guess that the result will be Legen (wait for it) dary!!!

MarleneAle 1777 days ago

So waiting for it!!
hope you have a great day guys!!!

oonella 1777 days ago

Hey Jessie I can see your halo.... rock on and you too James :)

ivaargentina 1777 days ago

james you're the most beautiful in the world adores ARGENTINA

ApplesAndSweets 1777 days ago

can't wait for the new record!

terryrosa 1777 days ago


suryah 1777 days ago

James has the most beautiful eyes!

ssannisap 1777 days ago

nice beard hmm

PAMsLOvE 1777 days ago

I like this one :D

ZairaAmaterasu 1777 days ago

Secluded over mountains to develop sound. Lovely. I just can't wait, time must be approaching pretty fast, innit? Did you see Nadal winning over Monfils, James?

tucheer83 1777 days ago

Wore my red Maroon 5 guitar tee shirt to work today (yes an office rebel of me) You keep working hard so I can buy another tee and another concert and wear it to work...Love you guys!! See you in Philly or NJ.

lifehouse_rocks 1777 days ago

Awesome pic, love you guys, so excited for the new music. Cannot wait for the next tour.

winnylcbl 1777 days ago

yeah Jesse you rock... i love guys!!!

Alejandra222 1777 days ago

Great picture!! I love you guys, work hard on the record and please come to El Salvador, Central America