Jeff Hardy


I DO NOT have Facebook, MySpace, ANY chats or messengers or anything else. THIS IS IT!


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2580 days ago



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super_Girl3 1758 days ago

I like all your drawing .. You are truly talented artist ... I wish you a bright Future :)

Hardylover92 1914 days ago

Love it <3

LeanaPeche 2007 days ago

Great Talent ! Love it ♥

ane_jane 2021 days ago

You'll always have my full support

ane_jane 2021 days ago

remember the sun always shines again ;)

tazza261 2038 days ago

he was a gorgeous dog :)

brhoads22 2055 days ago

soooo cute!

ane_jane 2081 days ago

But life takes away and gives you something else to change... such is life

ane_jane 2081 days ago

I know how this feels...

ane_jane 2081 days ago

I've also lost a great friend like Jack :(

ane_jane 2081 days ago

Jack I think was for you a great friend... sorry Jeff :( have my support ever


Not a big man of sympathy but I'm sorry Jeff I really am

HeelFl0 2101 days ago

I like that !

ane_jane 2126 days ago

You have a great talent
Jack so cute *-* !

annelaurebrand 2148 days ago

jack looks very nice, cute i'm sure jack was a amazing dog rest in peace

RUBYlovJMG 2167 days ago

LUI au moins IL EST HEUREUX DANS LE PARADIS DES ANIMAUX QUE DIEU LEUR A PREPARE................................................................................

FAN_18 2167 days ago

wow itś cool,,, has been fantastic, it shows you have a talent for painting

WWE_FJ 2224 days ago

WOW you are very talented jeff but it's not the first time you amazed me!! & Jack looks very nice dog :D

2XtremeBrand 2308 days ago

would there be any way you would sell a painting? i would love to buy one!

sk8erchey 2347 days ago