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im just a man with the gift of song. my music is one small step for me, one giant leap for all wierdkind

i gots sheet music sonnnn, alreadddyyyy (jay z voice) haha

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2430 days ago

i gots sheet music sonnnn, alreadddyyyy (jay z voice) haha


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mizcocoapuffs 2429 days ago

dats gud but im just now learnin how so get back 2 me in about a week : )

_OhMyDarling 2429 days ago


JustHeartBrak3 2430 days ago

Thats Dope Kuz.

mihdel 2430 days ago

this one I have to print it and make it as a poster..'cause it's one fucking genius song:x

Jermainy 2430 days ago


Baronshocolaat 2430 days ago

whaaaa qu'est ce que c'est beau !

ImAliReza 2430 days ago

goin be in the crowd for letterman!. is this what thats for...?!!!

Poetic_Genius 2430 days ago

treble clef for trumpet players please lol

JNIX_LA 2430 days ago

Pianooooo please!!

ImTiME 2430 days ago

thats dope...

mr_wailers09 2430 days ago

dope..This song is gonna make history..its a classic hit...

JUSTICEBEATS 2430 days ago

C-A middleC C-A middleC C-F-A...

SiahSaySo 2430 days ago

Looks pretty simple...wen I get home,Ill see what it sounds like....

roQsteady 2430 days ago

u wrote that??

BubbieeeFresh 2430 days ago

OMG FOR CELLO!!!! I really have to get it =]

DankayyB 2430 days ago

okay! you're tight

JoshuaHoffpauir 2430 days ago

Sick man..Shit's dope!

chriSUPREME 2430 days ago


TiqueMS 2430 days ago


RealWizDummy 2430 days ago

damn cudi