Eddie Izzard


I'm a British European, I think like an American and I was born in an Arabic country

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1842 days ago


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ajgaskin 1839 days ago

What an inspiration! Got to say, this makes me want to follow in your footsteps. I drove past you in Sheffield today, you are one sexy 'action transvestite'!

rdkillers 1841 days ago

Come on the Flying Lizzard http://viciousmalcious.blogspot.com/

o0OlisaO0o 1841 days ago

Well done! really did think u would last this far. I'll donate but I am waiting for the last marathon to do so. Go Eddie GO!

Bookfairy62 1841 days ago

Eddie you're one amazing bloke! Already sponsored you but those toes just cry out for more money. Not long to go now - look after yourself

CHALLENGEPAT 1841 days ago


ricardian2005 1841 days ago

yep thats what it says ...oh bellisima it is going past very well now.. can you hear lady london calling you. she like us is glad u r making it xxxx

emiliejanejones 1841 days ago

Does anyone know tomorrows route?? Trying to catch up with my little bro Ted who's pedaling the rickshaw and his phone is n/a! x

andhow1117 1841 days ago

Eddie, you are so awesome! Keep it up. Sending support from across the pond!

DoomGolly 1842 days ago

Aw, your poor feet! You're amazing Eddie! I used to live in Leeds, wish I did now!

sianwilliams7 1842 days ago

WOW happy days not long now hun, it's amazing what one person can do to help others. So proud take care ;-)

hatsbybilly 1842 days ago

I'd stop there I'm in Leeds and it's really not worth it...

Real_Ian_Morris 1842 days ago

Not far now Eddie... your doing amazing maty.. ;-)

missgvus 1842 days ago

How amazing are you?

turnerow 1842 days ago

Eddie which way are you going after Leeds? Are you crossing the Humber Bridge?

rachelpearce 1842 days ago

Congratulations - amazing effort! Are you coming anywhere near Chesterfield?

Moosaay 1842 days ago

WAHEY! Good Luck! Am going to crawl out of bed in my hungover state to come and see you in Leeds! Woo!

LizaDan 1842 days ago

Keep going Eddie - might see you in Leeds! :-)

zoidbergDR 1842 days ago

What time is Eddie due in Leeds city Center?

salbart 1842 days ago

are you coming to oxford eddie?

terriclaire 1842 days ago

lucky Leeds people!