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J joins @michaelfranti onstage at Bumbershoot

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2431 days ago

J joins onstage at Bumbershoot


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LissAngel35 2427 days ago

this was an amazing show :) The after show at the Croc really made my night!! :) can't wait to see what ya do next :D

snowin7 2429 days ago

...rocked! My ears are STILL ringing! Thanks for sharing yourself, come back to Seattle soon. Love you much! Cheers, Your Fellow Pronoiac

snowin7 2429 days ago

Bumbershoot was amazing! I was about 2 feet feet from the front railing, and loved the view! Thanks for doing Butterfly at the end - it's one of my faves, I was so sad my camera died, but grateful to be there nonetheless. The aftershow at the Crocodile

vickiemm 2429 days ago

Found the YouTube video and had to add that you guys were having too much fun! Also, with all that hip gyrating Mr Mraz has many more woman lusting for him :)

amazingpanda 2430 days ago

that was such an amazing show. thanks for coming to bumbershoot. wish i could've seen yew at the crocodile.

Cherry7754 2430 days ago

I was about 30 feet from the stage and it was amazing! Other than feeling very much like a sardine being crushed by the crowd, and having people kicking me in the head as they crowd-surfed to the front, it was an awesome concert! The talent and spirit wer

SunshineSasha14 2430 days ago

Musta been awesome!!!

teresita_acisum 2430 days ago

Woo!!! Tomorrow show in my city!!!! Cant wait till tomorrow!!!
Yeah! Jason Mraz in Mexico!

sarahrudy 2431 days ago


OriginalJahWoo 2431 days ago

the shrill screaming of a billion females said it all...was an amazing moment though.

TheTayLaw 2431 days ago

Hey, it's the right way up! I kind of miss the upside-down-ness of your previous photos now...

CorinBrunetti 2431 days ago

awwwwww, sounds like fun. you're awesome!! :ur broken back fan.

p.s. at the frank erwin center in austin you should totally sing virtual insanity and White Girl. that would be great!

JackieSetsFires 2431 days ago

bumbershoot was amazing!!

PattyZc 2431 days ago

Can't wait for the show in Mexico city on tuesday! :D :D :D :D :D omg! omg! omg! omg! :D:D

__btts__ 2431 days ago


joseramonmarmtz 2431 days ago

I know you're not alone... on stage...

nohumidity 2431 days ago

Wish I was there! Music in the air!!

HeyItsMeGigi 2431 days ago

Ypu guys need to pull a collaboration together! And add Sheryl Crow while you are at it. I have a feeling it will be great!! (I'm so good at predicting the future!) :P

jamescake1 2431 days ago

Two of my favorite artists! I so wish I was there!!!