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We're making games based on #TheWalkingDead, #FABLES in #TheWolfAmongUs, #Borderlands & #GameOfThrones. Tweets by @lauraperusco, @jobjstauffer, & the TTG team

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2351 days ago


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Drixtina 2346 days ago

Looks good! Can't wait for the DVD

nightlightguy 2351 days ago

Is it just me or is Guybrush missing his TOMI goatee in that painting?

spwert 2351 days ago

Is this what'll be on the DVD slipcover?

inviernofunk 2351 days ago

whoa!!!! i want one!

Falcon2045 2351 days ago

This looks awesome! Very close to original MI art!

M0RD3N 2351 days ago

The art is awesome and so is Steve Purcell, but why oh why are you using a cellphone camera? You are, aren't you.