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"We r not Jimmy n Terry. We r Rocky n Bullwinkle. They wish they were as cute as us. :o)"

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2057 days ago

"We r not Jimmy n Terry. We r Rocky n Bullwinkle. They wish they were as cute as us. :o)"


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JanetJourney 241 days ago


wonderwoman1023 1666 days ago

Ha Ha!!! I have a bulldog just like the white one!!!! Wow! I didn't know Janet and I have something in common!!! Love ya Janet!!!!

DirtyDiana_1997 1687 days ago

aww so cute i love bulldogs my neightbour had one but it died yeaterday... Im crying, 'cause I used to go for a walk with him everyday last 2 holidays...

JadenJewel 1708 days ago

This is too cute. I love French bulldogs and English bulldogs. I love it :-)

hipstaperf 1708 days ago

hahaha cute!! Love it <3

BellaBryanna_ 1708 days ago

AAWWWWWWWW they are sooooooooooo cute!!!! Now I knoo what my next dog is gonna be.. :)

nickyennaomi 1721 days ago

aah we also had an englich bulldog but we have to let him sleep becausse he was il and now we hve an french bull and he his black end with. they are adorabole don't you think?

__ItsSophie__ 1735 days ago

their soooo cute are they british bulldog ans a french bull dog ????

WeHonorJackson 1739 days ago

awwh so cute :)

letbemagic 1741 days ago

hahah...thats so cute :O)

JanetJsFan 1754 days ago

so cool ♥♥♥♥

cristina_ifly 1754 days ago

Soo cute love animals haha have a lot of animals since my aunt works at the vet...adorable Janet!!

Rhayane_Jackson 1755 days ago


PryscillaPires 1758 days ago

the left one is prettier.

MJObeefan4ever 1759 days ago

Ow so cute I wonder if thier Janet's dogs!?

aanDreeah 1793 days ago

i have a 2 bulldongss !!!!!!!!

kelatorres 1807 days ago

YAYAYAY SO CUUUTE! Oh God, do I ever love animals. :)

Dima44 1820 days ago

How cute ! own

Caro_lineF 1821 days ago

How cute! very beautiful!!*~*

luvmyWOOGIE 1841 days ago