Eddie Izzard


I'm a British European, I think like an American and I was born in an Arabic country

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2458 days ago


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cwlamb 2457 days ago

Isn't he an actor? I am sure I saw him in the movie "Sin City"

LyzabethSay 2457 days ago

woot you have fans cheering you on!

SnappingOrchid 2458 days ago

No Wray.

tammymjones 2458 days ago

great looking family:) Hello from Kentucky! (it's not as bad as you may have heard;))

AnthonyBibby 2458 days ago

GO ON EDDIE! Unbelieveable achievement! Can't think how you must be feeling - but keep going. We're all cheering you on too!

caronchancellor 2458 days ago

Eddie -go boy go - keep up the good work...don't ever lose your energy. I have done a marathon and was very happy - now I am doing a half marathon in Oct and I only have a month to train.Don;t know how you have done it. R_E_S_P_E_C_T my man!!!! Where is y

vgibbs24 2458 days ago

That woman has NOT had 4 kids...!

ricardian2005 2458 days ago

mum looks very sporty and dad looks very happy .... what a fine family .....see bellisima you are well loved......and rightly so xxx

theglorymill 2458 days ago

That's Link, Dorien + Johnney

ehs54 2458 days ago

Great pic, looks like you have some great fans out there (in addition to us of course)All my best wishes to you, you're an inspiration

LordBaal 2458 days ago

Nuuu Eddie, staaaay! haha Keep it up. Your feet hate you now but the rewards will love you even more!

GTelfer 2458 days ago

massive enormous brilliant impressive great big hugely impressive effort! C'est incroyable, vraiment. Felicitations, et bonne chance for the last bit.....Mes amis aux Etats Unis veulent give you money, mais il ne peuvent pas.....Comment faire? Good luck,

leeds_paparazzi 2458 days ago

Rode out up the A 61 from harrogate, couldnt see you, damn didn' go far enough, hopefully catch you tomorrow on the next section

Reefgirl 2458 days ago

That's really nice, does your heart good to see that

deecurran 2458 days ago

Looks like you're going to miss York! Would have loved to have seen you. Keep up the good work, amazing feat/feet!

TWITUYU 2458 days ago

The anti-running activists were out in force today, instead of warm welcomes, protesters held placards urging Eddie to 'Go'.

Lorrcamp 2458 days ago

What a lovely photo. How cool is that, homemade posters?? Go Eddie!!!!

sarahblaney 2458 days ago

Aww! How cute! Keep going!

euge11 2458 days ago

keep going eddie everybody is behind you. go go go

liliana_von_k 2458 days ago

Link looks different than I remember.