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2724 days ago


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rukrazee 2722 days ago

Michelle and Jordan look fantastic. The others, they just breathe someone else's valuable air. Probably stole it too.

faynilla 2724 days ago

Gnat= hilarious! lol LOL

eileen815 2724 days ago

Michelle looks great, Jordan does too, Kevin is decent. Natalie is ugly from the inside out, no designer duds can change that look.

thejoshuatree21 2724 days ago

jordan!!!.. natalie = tomboy messsss! gross. please god don't let her win

aj82lo 2724 days ago

neurogoddess n gucci = hot-ness...gnasty = hot-mess

megannwalsh 2724 days ago

Michele looks great, Jordan looka cute and Kevin looks pretty fly... who cares about Natalie.

feds5 2724 days ago

Jordon looks great, kudos to Michelle for losing the weight. No matter what Natalie wears it cannot change the fact that she is really a boy in a girls body. Kevin, well who really cares.

GOODGIRL1124 2724 days ago

Michelle looks great!! They all do, except......nasty natalie!!

gwoman1 2724 days ago

Michelle definitely looked better...but whats' us with the no underware while wearing the dress...she had better wash that thing...getting in the hot tub is not bathing...will someone tell her please.

SimplyRi 2724 days ago

Michelle minus the blueblockers. Jordan is cute but ovarated. Kevin looks like a gay action figure & Gnat,...exists.

Sara_Elizzabeth 2724 days ago

Anyone BUT Natalie.

lovingit2 2724 days ago

Jordan and then Michelle without a doubt; Best comment: Nat looks like a boy in girls' clothes, Kev the same - 100% agreed

Janiceinthelab 2724 days ago

Michele is the best overall.....she lost weight & looks awesome! Jordan looks great too. Nat looks like a boy in girls clothes. Kev looks the same.

criskime 2724 days ago

jordon then michelle poor nat she really needs a makeover to look like a woman not a young man

eva_whateva 2724 days ago

Gnat desperately needs a maker over.

eva_whateva 2724 days ago

Michelle is looking very hot.

katmeh 2724 days ago

JORDON. No doubt. Natalie is big closet case dick who try to act like a women.kevin sorry man. You have absolutely no body to show off any nice clothing. Michelle not bad but not good enough. This girl Jordon. She is HOT. All American Gal.

ashleighncox 2724 days ago

JORDAN! - although i must say i'm glad to see kevin in something less flaming than his usual attire

k2mendez 2724 days ago

Jordan first, Michelle second... Kevin and Nat- NEVER! I can't get past their ugly personalities to see anything nice.

MDWizard 2724 days ago

Michelle! Runer up is Jordan, Then Natalie then Kevin