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@samantharonson i love you baby! miss u.jpg

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2274 days ago

i love you baby! miss u.jpg


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sherryshane 1990 days ago

i see your smile so sweety just with sam...guess my wish in christmas eve ^__^ i wish lindsay and sam would get together again...i know maybe you haven't get out of her in mind ,but please ,don't give any man chances to hurt you , and just waiting for

jaswinderaji 2029 days ago

Samantha is a relly lucky girl she was nobody before you!

taniawscott 2207 days ago

aaaw :)

BLACKVOLK 2245 days ago

you need to someone answer back to you, in the same
like ... love you too baby.

JohnyBoyMFS 2246 days ago

Samantha is a relly lucky girl :D

THIS_IS_MIKEY 2246 days ago

thats the nav screen in the bentley GT not a comnputer lol

kishkash5 2252 days ago

Lindsay, please, you are so much better than her.

keeleyiam 2256 days ago


gerisza 2264 days ago

so sweet she's so lucky to have you,

nixyparaiso 2268 days ago

aww. how sweet.. :)

LittleShineStar 2268 days ago

Hung Up by ABBAMadonna

MyWayMagazine 2269 days ago

Good Morning Angel.../m.v-
Playboy-Smart Girl...Beautiful smart girl...N.P.-Friday

11mercury 2269 days ago

She'll never find another you

gewysky 2270 days ago

sams an ugly deuchebag

MonicaBaezVzla 2270 days ago

you are a very valuable person!

jcogley 2270 days ago

who wears the strap on...bets are on sam

astridmacgregor 2272 days ago do u know gran canaria lindsay? the best weather of the world here all year long,u ll be welkome if u came someday!

lindsayhugefan 2273 days ago

i remember that song! from confessions of a teenage drama queen.
i love it. and i'm a huge fan :)

Sildeneb 2273 days ago

hope things work out allright between u 2 and can be together 4ever, i can tell that you look happy with her and that's all that matters , love you 2muccch princes.

krismall 2274 days ago

was this on computer or tv? I can't tell. What program are you using to play music?