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Me and my lion

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2514 days ago

Me and my lion


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Chan_Cage 1983 days ago

It‘s so cool ~~man!

Daewolf 2509 days ago

That is what a house cat looks like up here in Canada eh Chris? ;)

MikePorter3 2511 days ago

Bruh, do not cut the hair, lol.....don't do it.....not really a Raptor fan but I do believe they will be a strong force in the eastern conference....great additions to your team this yr!

TheSunsRay 2513 days ago

Give him a number and jersey... Let him ROAR!

jcampz 2513 days ago

Chris, its time to cut the hair man... get back to that fresh look you stared out with for the new season. Good things will come out of it. TRUST. GO RAPS GO.

jeep1980 2513 days ago

Cute baby!

CreativeKat24 2514 days ago

awwww adorable!

whynotme27 2514 days ago

How cute u look alike jk

afiab 2514 days ago

If it's a boy, u should name it SIMBA:)

danielnrichmond 2514 days ago

dont let it bite u. raptors have their best shot at a title dis year with u demar jose turk andrea jarrett. we need u to be spectacular!!!!

shawty_2fly 2514 days ago

OMG that's so cute!!!! I want one

sarina2394 2514 days ago

cuteee :)

Jwihbs 2514 days ago

Soooo cute!!!

PrairieMroz 2514 days ago

Oh my Bosh that is so darn cute. I think the work you guys are doing over there is incredible.

Galleo 2514 days ago

GIve him a uni and let him guard lebron.

Luda14 2514 days ago

Call him Simba!!!!

ACLASSYCHICA4EV 2514 days ago

OMGosh! How cute is he! I think I want one!?!!!? ...he would be my lion cub, I would call him LionCub & I would love him for LIFE!!! LoL JK :-) He is extremely cute though:) Thnkx for sharing your Africian Safari with us:-)

abbas_ali 2514 days ago


magicmoment32 2514 days ago

oh how cute! :) I love it!

clearjunjun 2514 days ago

wow so cool!