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Meet The Band.

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2489 days ago

Meet The Band.


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Dreschy 2313 days ago

Hugh *__* ♥

TheaBL 2485 days ago

As a huge fan of House and television, watching you guys would have been a dream.
Unfortunatly,Im born and stuck in Norway. Keep up the good work,and have fun!

sarah_jeannie 2487 days ago

Wow! Such an amazing band! Pleeeeeease drop by England some time, I'd love to come see you guys play! -SQUEEE-

happiestgirl24 2487 days ago

wow ª_ª
You must be an hell of a band XD
*tries not to squee*

ForestMaid 2488 days ago

I wish I could watch you guys sometime. Do you have a clip on youtube??

zkazy 2488 days ago

amazing ^^

RickMacMerc 2488 days ago

I'm proud to say I had a little something to do with composing this picture…a great pleasure to work for so many worthy causes.

RogueSenna 2488 days ago

Oh man, I would love to see you all so much. major props to Jesse and having an electric violin (viola?).

Gabrielense 2488 days ago

BFTV rocks!!! World Tour is a great ideia!!! 1st stop in Brazil!! [2]

_cahdeboni 2488 days ago

BFTV rocks!!! World Tour is a great ideia!!! 1st stop in Brazil!!

A5J4DX 2488 days ago

go heroes cast (only ones with the shades :P) the band looks cool!

Gabrielense 2488 days ago

Who is the girl? I Download the show and a girl sing there... O.o

Slater363 2488 days ago

Awesome .... I'm with themegancast I wish you guys would tour!

o6untouchable 2488 days ago

I think my head just exploded from too much awesome.

TheMegancast 2488 days ago

Ahhh! I wish you guys would tour!

Raphaelzero 2488 days ago


Raphaelzero 2488 days ago

Very nice!!

Call_Me_Lucy 2488 days ago

*start an international tour... Sorry for the typo!

Call_Me_Lucy 2488 days ago

Could you guys, please, sart an international tour and come to Brazil? Thank you!

maurateixeira 2489 days ago

Simply amazing.. see you guys alltogether ;) A dream come true ahahah

Good luck