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2581 days ago


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HSsai 2394 days ago

lol the cleric from battleon is so fat xD

TheGaryToTheOak 2555 days ago

Jango,no,no its A Boba Fett Helm,I Saw The Blaster In-Put on it,Re-Painting of the Helm,nice design whoever made it.

Dmcd6119 2579 days ago

wheres cysero

hunk60 2579 days ago

the one in the pink on the far left next to valencia is lady celestia i believe
from left to right lady celestia(maybe?),valencia, ash escherion,j6, tek, and yulgar

Flame80010 2580 days ago

OH! and just saw the FloC just behind them o.o

Flame80010 2580 days ago

so what... thats yulgar... Tek... J6... umm... the squire kid from DF and no idea who the one in pink is o.o

AQWorldsFreak 2580 days ago

A CLONE TROOPER?! YOU BELONG IN THE STAR WARS SECTION! Haha, J6 does in fact look like a clone trooper. Copyright infringers. >.>

BurstGB 2581 days ago


ShadowAE 2581 days ago

J6 is win.

eyebrain 2581 days ago

nice costums,, man would be nice if AQW would sell those in their store

ChucklesFan 2581 days ago

They are : Cleric Dawn , Ash , J^ , Tek , Yulgar , escherion and of course , The staff of inversion !

aerodarkblade 2581 days ago

i know the orange one runs teks mechs in mechquest[well atleast the real one]and the one with the hood is a cleric i think

domen94 2581 days ago

also jimmy the eye... but i can't recognize those 2 (the one on left with hood, and the one on right with orange-white costume

domen94 2581 days ago

arent those Ash, J6, Yulgar, Escherion and Alac?

HenehaAE 2581 days ago

Cheers for epic costumes!

AshthePhantom 2581 days ago

I like the J6 and Escherion the best. Those are some awesome cosplays!

Vamparagon 2581 days ago

Aha! Just realised that the character between Yulgar and J6 was Tek xP

SkylineSV 2581 days ago

omgeee. Escherion! must taken some time to make those costumes.

Aqwbilleh 2581 days ago

Wow lolz...I have a feeling that must be a j6 clone.

DatIbby 2581 days ago

I got sick and had to miss dragoncon.WAH!