Eddie Izzard


I'm a British European, I think like an American and I was born in an Arabic country

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2068 days ago


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AlexCliffy92 2067 days ago

Yey!! I live in South Shields which is really near here! You should come visit us :D lol

axlrox 2067 days ago

Howay the lad!

drummerboy1970 2067 days ago

Otherwise known as "The Gateshead Flasher"...i believe :-)

solid_jelly 2067 days ago

WOW you caught wolf betermen in the frame as well!

AndrewCollins 2067 days ago

I envy you this view. I've failed to see the Angel from the train four times in two weeks. I wish I'd run to Edinburgh instead.

biglebufski 2067 days ago

I'm a long way from home, good to see it.

spaceboy_g 2067 days ago

Just up the road from me, any plans for an impromptu gig in the area? ;)

mbw4 2067 days ago

Oh my God, two suns! This truly is angelic. It must be... oh, now I see the objet d'art. I hope the ice cream truck provides cover from idiots on the road.

michelejeweller 2067 days ago

Whoof, whoof. Always had a passionate negative regarding the street lights until this................ what a shot x

Baranduyn 2067 days ago

Lovely, with or without God-rays.

GrowlingCat 2067 days ago

wow I have never seen that before. BTW I am the angel of the north lol

LizShapcott 2067 days ago

in honour of the miners....

ConstanceMT 2067 days ago

I love the Angel-I went up to the base once, a marvelous experience.

LizShapcott 2067 days ago

in honour of the miners....

MrsY21 2067 days ago

Beautiful photo of The Gateshead Flasher. One of my favourite landmarks ever! :D

howalsh 2067 days ago

Soppy I know, but my g/f is the Angel of the North!
Love Mr Gormley's work though - anyone know if he tweets?

cantplaycantalk 2067 days ago

Prefer the brick train in Darlington, it's not as famous but more interactive. The kids can climb all over the train, so it's tactile as well as esthetically pleasing.

Naz_Dragonheart 2067 days ago

That's a fantastic shot, lens flare and everything. Should be accompanied by angelic voices, lol.

AllenRadway 2067 days ago

I too found God on the M5.

Rapagena 2067 days ago

Love that statue. It's like a huge 'WELCOME'.