You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

From occasional series Twilight Eclipse crew photos. Duke, B camera operator.

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2760 days ago

From occasional series Twilight Eclipse crew photos. Duke, B camera operator.


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MaddyLWard 2728 days ago

wow, your pictures are fantastic!

edwardsgirl1 2744 days ago

Hello Duke.

Studiocosentino 2745 days ago

beautiful feels like sunset near the water...wanna be there :)

Aangelka 2746 days ago

An amazing picture!!!!

iamdorktm87 2749 days ago

Taking a picture of a bloke taking another picture... Oh, irony. :D

charming4ever 2750 days ago

love the lighting on this.

baby_mimzy 2753 days ago

love the composition of the picture..

KylesJ7 2753 days ago

i love technology that makes picture look this good. :) oh and HI DUKE!!! :)

RPFANN 2754 days ago

Great pic. I already tweeted this, but could you say hi to rob for me, just in case ashley doesn't remember, my name is Jenny R.

JacksonDepp91 2754 days ago

Bella foto davvero....ma speravo in una foto del cast ....
vabbè ....fa niente:)

PaholaR 2755 days ago

That is amazing picture..!!

katattak 2755 days ago

that is an amazing picture!!

THEjOKER2 2755 days ago

wow, this is the kind of shot photographers dream of getting.

sweetie410 2755 days ago

So cool!! Great pic.

twintwo2219 2755 days ago

Great pic, thanks for the pics

Tammy_HI 2756 days ago

Wow, What an artist, You should be in film making!

aimezmoi 2756 days ago

cool pic. flickr worthy.

rachel_lsi 2756 days ago

He's the man who we havo to say "thanks!" xD

nat1077 2756 days ago

Duke Nuke em :-)? The lighting is great, but my favorite is the squinting of his camera eye. I love wrinkles and grit. Hoping eclipse utilizes the "dirty" lens like "30 days" had.

Rocioguerra 2757 days ago

hi david! , good contrast ;)