jonathan ross


Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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1811 days ago


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KirstyOr 1623 days ago

yeah, where the hell is your other hand Wossy?

Joshurahrah 1684 days ago

HAHA! Barrowman is such a character.

DDSully1 1691 days ago

lol, where has your right hand gone? hmmm?x

ZoeLovesSmiling 1691 days ago

Haha Loving it Darling :) x

Ladystardust247 1752 days ago

LOL ! Nice shoes !!!!

xplorgrl 1753 days ago


captainpixie 1754 days ago

ummmmm, I say lol!

Wonkywhelan 1754 days ago

Nice ankles... ;-)

Rachii_xXxXx 1754 days ago

He has a well nice bum dont u think???

DarrenHoles 1757 days ago

Fabulous darling!! x

SkankFac3 1763 days ago

not camp at all. love it

alfiesmum2 1771 days ago

I'm ;oving this image,John you are so camp

bonniegrrl 1780 days ago

Nice gams on Capt. Jack Harkness. Fingers crossed for a Torchwood musical!

alma0star 1785 days ago

ohh la la!!!....

GLAMORAMA1 1785 days ago

That whore!! He looks better in his heels than i do!!

joelymoleylife 1788 days ago

loving the shoes!

pinktank1 1788 days ago

So that where Our licence fee went, white high heels, always said BBC were cheap

itsmemelee 1788 days ago

Aww JB! You gotta love him!

samij75 1788 days ago

What a cool pic!! I adore JB, he is so sexy!!

samij75 1788 days ago

What a cool pic!! I adore JB..