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Toder2002 1437 days ago

TÖDER,Sınav Öncesi ve Sonrası OkulSeçimi Yaparken Uyarıyor

untacticcal000 1986 days ago

"all Your Base Are Belong To Us" implies just that, that all of Google's Third Party and Business directory sites 'Are Belong To Us - GOOGOL'

tanzaorg 2020 days ago


kaluntepec 2028 days ago

Google es nuestro aliado y parte de un nuevo todo que permitira escribir el tercer, nuevo y último testamento para que los terrícolas que tengan la capacidad de entender SE SALVEN. Kaluntepec

evanjohnman 2056 days ago

as of today the game zero wing (the game that "all you base are belong to us" is from) is twenty years old

danieljass 2059 days ago

"The truth is out there"

AWazsan 2065 days ago

wisdom is the conqueror of fortune. ^^' but I don't know UFO about :)

AngelaPinto00 2065 days ago

You're Great!!!!!!!

polras 2066 days ago

"all your base are belong to us!" "US" means United States?

chadmyerspoop 2066 days ago

Singularity university?

AWazsan 2066 days ago

I am very glad to meet you aliens LOL

vaga52 2066 days ago

Yes! They have finally come and they are from the Sombrero Galaxy! But on their way back they'll take the O with them! Why?

Hermie102 2066 days ago

WOW, i like it.

takewhat 2067 days ago

Google finally revealed - they are aliens!

emailer 2067 days ago

Where the heck are you taking my O to? (LOL)

gabrielsimonet 2067 days ago

#Google shouldn't joke about owning all our "o"s (or everything of anything, for that matter). It almost does (or will do), you know.

overdose9 2067 days ago

"I'm feelin' lucky" :D

atomic1fire 2068 days ago

not exactly, there are more logos coming, according to the infamous google korea blog post. found at the korean version of the google blog

IsisAsetian 2068 days ago

Hums the twilight zone song...

RonakBhagdev 2068 days ago

Anything related to 'Heroes' upcoming premier? It's on 21st!