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2698 days ago


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SandyDuperron 2694 days ago

lying deceitful little beotch with that annoying voice of hers..gnasty gnasaly gnatalie needs to get the hell out of that house!!!Someone give Kevin a fly swatter!!

rukrazee 2694 days ago

She is the most disgusting piece of trash I have ever come across in all my 50 years lof living. She should have been put back before she came out.

TokenBrotha 2694 days ago

if She were standing out on the corner of Hollywood & Highland, this wouldn't look so weird...

superstar_w09 2695 days ago

Is NataLIE the most hated BB person?? #bb11 #bigbrother

kpberez 2696 days ago

Obnoxious. and annoying.

wil_stryder 2696 days ago

I can't stand her, because she thinks she's sOOOO righteous!

lnb_0692 2697 days ago

I think I'm the only person that watches bb that want kevin or nat. 2 win

LoreleiFinny 2697 days ago

She's like Dustin from season 8...he wore a crown during his HOH reign...

hilaritylaughs 2698 days ago

If she pulls off big brother, I don't think I'll ever watch again..she's a decietful bitch!

Boomquiesha_J 2698 days ago

I'm gonna stab her once for everytime I see a pic of her in that damn outfit. So far were up to 3 #bb11

rmdbrose 2698 days ago

UGH... Because of her I will no longer be watching BB11, I cant wait for her to get out of the house and see how much she is hated. NASTY nataLIE.

ValerieCarney 2698 days ago

I can't stand to hear her. I don't watch her anymore. Dirty, dirty Nat.

camy_bbfan 2698 days ago

She does not deserve to still be in the house. I hope she doesn't win.

ariel405 2698 days ago

I cannot stand that gnat..... Please, please get her off of the show before I lose my faith in BB.

mlcove 2698 days ago

Natalie makes me crazy, she keeps saying she's so honest and true but if that was the case why did she get jeff sent home she swore he was safe she used Kevin for her Evil...I hope all backfires on her this week...

blondeshel 2698 days ago

She doesn't deserve to win, and now she has told Kevin she's puttin him up, and why.

LilMissKris_10 2698 days ago

She's a dumb bitch.

spoiledmom 2698 days ago

if it walks like a duck..acts like a duck, it is a duck! well, she does walk like a duck, but lets insert another word for "duck" just for fun... who wants to start? ME: DUMBASS LIAR!!!

Bearsfan37 2698 days ago

Queen of the retarded monkey fuckers maybe.

brittnie_aly 2698 days ago

natalie and kevin suck big time, i hope michele or jordan win