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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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2517 days ago


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gemmadarlo 2451 days ago

Watched This, It was Hilarious!!

ginacook67 2452 days ago

this was brilliant!

dawnbreaker1011 2458 days ago

i loooove Ricky in this pic...haha! nice to see chef Jamie here too :D

catkaulitz_ 2458 days ago

lol at mika in his skinnys :L lol at all of them actually, except broad...hes hot.

Mshiftpuzzle 2475 days ago

Wickys little face!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha

Bethanwynne 2475 days ago

Hahaha awwh

CamillaKelly 2489 days ago

stuart broad was the greatest guest you've ever had!!

xTRAMPex 2492 days ago

i loved that one!!!! ricky was so funny!! all of them were (:

itsmemelee 2492 days ago

One of the funniest shows I think!

luke88addis 2509 days ago

That is SOOOOO Funny!! :0)

Blancie 2511 days ago


heatherrocksass 2513 days ago

Still talking about your show on friday! Cant get over how hot stuart and mika are! Talk 2 stuart johnathan he needs a twiter! xx

Hanaaaaaaaaa 2515 days ago

amazing photo - i loved the line up and cant wait to see Ricky Gervais in his new stand up Science!

Antonia_Roberts 2515 days ago

Love love love this picture. A great start to the new series, everyone was fantastic on it. Brilliant!

ZeeFox 2515 days ago

ps. look at his little cup... lol

ZeeFox 2515 days ago

Lmao... poor Ricky

gator257 2515 days ago


joturk 2515 days ago

What an opening show! Loved it and LOVE the pic. All that "cool" in one photo xx

huggy79 2516 days ago

I spotted the mushroom, the raddish, wot the ++++ is Jamie dooin?

harajukuLandon 2516 days ago

wicked photo, It's great your shows back on & so lovely to see the sweet & sexy Mika on the 1st show, I enjoyed the show very much :)