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2189 days ago


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Nickilovexo 2186 days ago

and she said she was popular when she was younger.......... yeah right!

JoyceStreet 2188 days ago

I love the "monkey on crack" comment! The very sight of her makes me want to smack that smart ass face of hers.

keviomero 2188 days ago

what the f**k

Bearsfan37 2189 days ago

Still looks like a monkey on crack.

gwoman1 2189 days ago

She looks exactly the same...a lier in a smaller body.

amberlynne144 2189 days ago

She looks the same

ValerieCarney 2189 days ago

She doesn't shower, brush her hair or even change her clothes. NastaLIE!

PeaceLoveOkie85 2189 days ago

Oh you guys are really cool talking shit about a kid. Idiots.

bbisdope 2189 days ago


mswana 2189 days ago

Awww look at Natalie!!! Look at her. I think she's the best looking girl this season

bbisdope 2189 days ago

Bitch looks like dat NERD GREMLIN wit glasses! ROFL!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

KrazyKendall 2189 days ago

She is, was, and will always be ugly! Excuse me while I vomit!

BooBear5902 2189 days ago

If that was my child i would stab my eyes out! Eww

nyxxie23 2189 days ago

I don't think Natalie is ugly then or now. The fact that she hates to take a shower and lies constantly is what turns people off from her.

ItsJadeAshley 2189 days ago

Hahaha my same response she should most def burn dat piX lol RT: Oh my wow

dina212 2189 days ago

She looks the same. Too bad it doesn't have the year on it, age liar.

ItsJadeAshley 2189 days ago

Hahaha my same response she should most def burn dat piX lol RT: xMeganBrittanyx Oh my wow

Boomquiesha_J 2189 days ago

this is perfection in the form of a picture. #bb11

xMeganBrittanyx 2189 days ago

Oh my wow

FullofGiggles 2189 days ago

you can tell she didn't have a mom around because she didn't know how or what to do with her hair... even today still! She needs a new style in a nasty way!!