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2518 days ago


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rukrazee 2514 days ago

looks waaayyy older than here. RUN, man, RUN. run for your life and don't look back.

eyeofapple 2515 days ago

i think he smells (besides natalie) the 500K, marrying it is easier then winning it.

k4rm3n 2517 days ago

nobody seems to add up 18 yo - 3 yr relationship = 15 yo? #bb11 why are they afraid to say anything?

piperyoung 2518 days ago

jordan totally called nat out last night about her age... "wow... you can tell he's... older". i bet we get some good DRs with everyone saying they know she's lying about her age.

kadi223 2518 days ago

He looks like a big NERD!!

schubertams 2518 days ago

I don't understand why people are talking about him- look at her. Cut that nasty ass hair, and take voice lessons. She is horrible!!!!

gwoman1 2518 days ago

He looks old enough to be her father...I wonder if he knows that she is a bitch. He may have packed his bags and took of already.

TRaLYLO 2518 days ago

He is suposedly in his 30s, i remember her telling Chima. Rememeber when Kev said he better be hot and worth it haha. Kev's bf it hotttttter.

sally_grl 2518 days ago

Looks like her dad but that's gotta be her boyfriend - Look @ the way they're holding each other...

THEROCPRINCE 2518 days ago

That's her dad not her boyfriend.

MikeDuyn 2518 days ago

looks like a father daughter picture lol

KrazyKendall 2518 days ago

They def should not reproduce! Double yuck!

bbisdope 2518 days ago

That muthafucka looks like FRED FLINTSTONE! bwahaahahahahaha!!

dina212 2518 days ago

Love is blind but he does look old in that picture :-(

mrsshephard23 2518 days ago

He looks to be around 30.

Boomquiesha_J 2518 days ago

Omg he's like 80!! LOL wow...these houseguests need to put 12 and 12 together #bb11