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Mike and Ian's playhouse extravaganza!

Ian and I touring around PEI this summer. Now THAT'S what I call a band picture!

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2549 days ago

Ian and I touring around PEI this summer. Now THAT'S what I call a band picture!


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sneddonserenee 2014 days ago

HAHAHA my dad plays the bagpipes :P

ChleoTremblay 2536 days ago

Great.....:)... you should where that at one of you're show!....

makemefeellike 2545 days ago

hahah thats so funny! you guys loook great though!

bambi_love35 2546 days ago

now you guys need to do a song including the bagpipes. that would be sweet.

Giovanna_Lin 2547 days ago

AHAHAHAHAHAA That is a great photo. hahahahahaha For some reason, this reminds me of my sister... It's probably the bagpipes. She wants to learn how to play bagpipes... Yes, that is true. My 12 year old sister wants to learn how to play the bagpipes.

haaadie 2547 days ago

ahahah i love you guys xD

FlowerChild2424 2548 days ago

you guys look too sexxy!! lol and u guys seem very happy y obe in those kilts.. i think it's a goo look 4 u guys :P

MtReNcHwInS 2548 days ago

LMFAO. Hawt.

SheaForThaLulz 2548 days ago

very nice, very very nice

santdn 2548 days ago

hahahha XD lookin VERY HIP GUYS XD ;P

Mrs_Erik_Kohl 2548 days ago


ryleyinmotion 2548 days ago

well men in skirts have always been a massive turn on :P

gnomeloving 2549 days ago

Wooo go PEI!!

M3GANxo 2549 days ago

thats amazing

KaleneLupton 2549 days ago

What? You look pretty much the same as you always do.

PartyingInPanem 2549 days ago

Thats to Wicked, Amazing Guyss. Hahh

Mich_Et 2549 days ago

holy hotness, batman! lol :)

mbrese12 2549 days ago

lol now that is sexy

leannepmwilson 2549 days ago

ahahahhaha you guys are hilarious.

kaitt8 2549 days ago

this is too epic for words.