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2429 days ago


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Aqwbilleh 2399 days ago

I wonder if their still waiting in that line... o.O

aerodarkblade 2426 days ago

i hope cysero didnt fall asleep yet

MXZSwordPrince 2428 days ago

wow thats huge

(also the two people in the middle looks weird with that action)

dannydrumz 2428 days ago

this is nothing compared to a line ride at universal studios hollywood.... -_- .... and its not just one line u need to line up at.... u need to line up for over 20 rides.... /facepalm

ANAneychik 2428 days ago

Do you guys get to pass through?

brandoncox09 2428 days ago

jesus that one line is like all the lines ive ever been in comibned into one...

inmycontrol 2428 days ago

This wouldn't be worth it.

AshthePhantom 2429 days ago

OH MY GOD! WHAT?! If I was there, I'd climb over people to get to the exit. Claustrophobia much?! >_

Aqwbilleh 2429 days ago

O.O! Wowzors!... *wishes he could be in such a huge line*

Javiersito2 2429 days ago

Whats with all the fat people!! I dont seen any athletes with six packs here!

JoshIcy 2429 days ago

I'd die... Too many bodies. It's like a fleshpit.

Vantas 2429 days ago

H1N1 should be happy there...

BurstGB 2429 days ago


Malkoir 2429 days ago

Tha lady in the bottom of the page was at GEN-CON this year. I went and saw her. She called my friend a midgit O_O

Walker_of_Death 2429 days ago

*sigh* Another year wishing to be a Con-goer.

Legnave_FEZero 2429 days ago

More like a gathering of like minded indiviuals.

Stealth677 2429 days ago

lol ya id like to see that

Stealth677 2429 days ago

ya im realy glad i didnt go this year

Sam_Wicks 2429 days ago

thats no line...... thats a chance for a MASSIVE KONGA!!

Stealth677 2429 days ago

can that eaven be called a line