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Wilbon's logo submissions

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2098 days ago

Wilbon's logo submissions


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PAPPADOM09 2070 days ago


espnhaternation 2093 days ago

Wilbon is to Kornheiser as Affleck is to Damon

Newfieland 2093 days ago

#2 ftw

Newfieland 2093 days ago

#2 FTW!!!!!!!!

mrronaldsmith 2095 days ago


mrbraves 2095 days ago

1 looks like tigers logo. two looks like the waste management logo. three looks prety good. four is deffenitly the best. i don't like five for some reason but i don't know why. six seems more suited to someone like bob ryan. so all in all i would go with

mrbraves 2095 days ago

one looks okay. two looks like the waste management logo. three is brobaly the second best.four is defffenitly the best.number five looks a little tacky. why would you even put number 6 for wilbon. number six seems more suited to bob ryan or tk. so all in

dtownbornbred 2096 days ago

#4, how perfect!

dtownbornbred 2096 days ago

#4, how perfect!

BadAssAndrew 2096 days ago

#6 would b perfect for T.K. or Bob Ryan with their initials instead. But for Wilbon def #4!

unity5358 2096 days ago

#3 & #4 are solid. However, there are probably other famous MWs (aren't there?) and people might assume the MW of #3 relates to the wrong MW, not OUR MW. #4 cannot be confused with any other MW. Therefore, #4

Siposible512 2096 days ago

What about Warner Brother Cartoon drawing of elmer fudd? he looks like wilbon already

darrenjamal 2097 days ago

#4 is the one! id rock the shiz out of a T-shirt with willie buns mug on it... maybe do #2 underneath or on the sleeve or something...

gabedahl 2097 days ago

gotta be #4. No questions.

Mark_Geroso 2097 days ago

Go with #6 or #4

dalcowboys_09 2097 days ago

#1 is da best!!!I also like #2 and #3 looks like da cw channel so i dont like dat 1

mlewis725 2097 days ago

You gotta to go with #4. Its cute and inviting.

coachthornton 2097 days ago

#4 is Iconic. I did, however, expect to see some buns (Willy Buns) somewhere!

therealbravo 2097 days ago

hmmm, which one? in the fine Wilbon tradition, I say its a PUSH

taktikalnuke 2097 days ago

Gotta be #4