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What a FOX.

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2694 days ago

What a FOX.


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b_j_d 2694 days ago

he looks like he's how we all assume it is a guy haha

keiperj 2694 days ago

Beautiful Nova Scotia!

bloomgirl79 2694 days ago

LOL Too cute!

BPaislySavnGrac 2694 days ago

wow...what a beautiful place! you can just feel the fresh,cool air! (can you tell I'm suffocating in the desert heat here!) what a cutie!

SolsticeBaby68 2694 days ago

Beautiful! Do you see them often?

Sarah_Anders 2694 days ago

Okay Kim here in WV when you see a fox during the daylight you walk slowly backwards and make sure the dog is in the house.. Brad should know this...

KensGrl 2694 days ago

They are precious....but do not let them get cornered...they will come out about weeping and gnashing of teeth!!

kellybuchalski 2694 days ago

aww foxes are cool :)
love the background scenery too!

_kirkir_ 2694 days ago


faith4jesusmom 2694 days ago

how pretty.

Proffit1 2694 days ago

They are beautiful creatures, just don't ever get cornered by one!

2lazylabs 2694 days ago

A fox by any other name would still be as red

CountryLea1 2694 days ago

Hope U didn't corner him in!!! Aren't they beautiful.

theconnieshow 2694 days ago

ohh cute!Did ya name him Red?

melainam 2694 days ago

oh wow