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aneurysms can be treated in a couple ways. 1 way is a titanium clip like this. yes, it stays in the brain.

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2005 days ago

aneurysms can be treated in a couple ways. 1 way is a titanium clip like this. yes, it stays in the brain.


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sweethrt129 1995 days ago

does it depends on which part is affected?

CarisSevern 1998 days ago

Mercy! I guess one wouldn't want to have an MRI with that sucker implanted!

AJonathanCross 1999 days ago

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IluvJenn 2001 days ago

The WHOLE thing stays in the brain???? How often do doctors check on it once it's in there?

DJ_DDYW 2003 days ago

Always wondered what they looked like... I survived a brain aneurysm and have two if these in my head along with 17 screws and a metal plate.

terryshilo 2004 days ago

SANJAY... i'm kinda hoping this is an enlarged picture, but I see a finger. How can something this large be left in the brain?! URGH!

Doubleclic 2005 days ago

What are the symptoms an anueurism is on the way?

uptownbecky 2005 days ago

Would this help someone with a blood clot that cannot be removed but is blocking part of the blood flow to your brain? Or am I misunderstanding? In a 53 year old?

selenawingfield 2005 days ago

Ok. So what's the other way to treat an aneurysm?

buffbeer 2005 days ago

That gives me the Hebiegibies.

SuzanneEarth 2005 days ago

I have titanium plates from a craniotomy three years ago, and fly every week, and never set off the metal detectors. My aneurysms were removed (all part of an AVM).

musicdancefan 2005 days ago

It looks deceptively big in that photo, those are 2*2's in the corner, right?

nance1002 2005 days ago

how would this help someone who already had an aneurysm? Is it too late?

LadySepulchre 2005 days ago

I have an aneurysm clip in my brain. The only problem is the artery they replaced wont stop collapsing.

mokinbird01 2005 days ago

does that set off airport metal detectors?

elizab37 2005 days ago

that stays in your brain?