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Shooting an episode of Law & Order with @sweetbadazz .  I play a character named Larry Johnson again.

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2554 days ago

Shooting an episode of Law & Order with . I play a character named Larry Johnson again.


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ny1rat 2494 days ago

great pic

iKeralot 2495 days ago

i love sisto.

im_ademon 2521 days ago

then why are you laughin mister... larreh johnson? DO I LOOK LIKE A CAT TO YA BOY!!!!?!

C_C_Riderr 2532 days ago

my sister was one of the kids in this episode!! can't wait for it to air!

whiteoutgotu 2539 days ago

I'm at a loss for words. Jim Gaffigan on Law & Order? That's like riding an escalator, while eating bacon on the way to the bowling alley. *sprinkles bacon bits on a strip of bacon*

WallyReeves 2551 days ago

hahahaha... I'm watching TV and eating potato chips while you're stuck at work!

IrishRAIDERFan 2552 days ago

hmmmmmm I think I see your elbow...over there on the rt corner ..hmm

JuliaEveHays 2552 days ago

Law & Order!!! Yesssss!!!

Jenn_M_Brown 2553 days ago

Tell Jeremy Sisto to call me. If he does, I'll tell him the secret nickname my friends and I have for him.

crazydiamond119 2553 days ago

I saw the other episode with you on it the other night. I was like, "HEY! Jim Gaffigan's playing the weird crematory guy! How fitting!" Hahaha.

smreid35395 2553 days ago

Do you ever go by Dr Johnson?

shneusk 2553 days ago


dougsykes 2553 days ago

Hot Pockets!! LOL! BACON!!! Love me Jim Gaffigan! I'm funny too! Get it? 'Cause Jim always does that in his act? haha. I hope he Direct Mails me and asks me to open for him :)

laci_l 2553 days ago

Awesome, Mr. Larry Johnson! I can't help but say "it's not so funny meow is it?"

ahaas47 2553 days ago

I also just saw you playing the father role in some lifetime movie about a dead baby.... it was the one directed by Tilda Swinton. You didn't say much ... but you looked very good. lol :-)

agpdesigns 2553 days ago

I just saw the L&O: CI you were in. And I thought, "Hey, it's my fav bacon guy, Jim Gaffigan! Man, that guy loves bacon."

GaryOnTheRadio 2553 days ago

Ever noticed how jails and public schools look strikingly similar in decor?

ebrown2112 2553 days ago

Doing L&O again, nice!

kimiabdullah 2554 days ago

how cute is that anthony anderson! oh, you're cute too jim gaffigan.... ;)

ccrisler 2554 days ago

jealous. put me on an episode of Law & Order.