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1976 days ago


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VolleyVanessa 1964 days ago

look at the lovely couple!

jrlynn28 1967 days ago

Awwwwwwww best reality couple everrr!!! they are so funny and cute together i think they'll stay in touch bc its real and they are obviously so in love >3

wil_stryder 1972 days ago

love these two

gymnastjess 1975 days ago

i hope they date outside the house

HammertownMMA 1975 days ago

These two are a class act! They have chemistry but did not display it to the entire world....much! I wish them all the love in the future. xo

StuttsCrystal 1975 days ago

Love it!

alyssa_amz44 1975 days ago

aweee :) they are adorable!

BQuinn19 1976 days ago

I love these two they are so cute and so perfect for each other. I hate that they are being separated. I can't stand Natalie she thinks she controls the house even though she is a useless competitor. She should go to the jury house and find her way back u

sleeplessinwisc 1976 days ago

Jeff and Jordan should be the next Regis and Kelly :-)

jennco93 1976 days ago

Voted best reality couple ever! They should get their own series...I'd watch!

JCLKALNPL 1976 days ago

Awww how cute!! Jordan is so beautiful and Jeff is sooooooo sexy!! They are so perfect for each other. I hope they stay together after the show is over! BB11 is gonna suck butt after tomorrow!

MizzTinkerbell5 1976 days ago

aww how cute... Jordan has such a good heart and is so adorable, and Jeff is so good to her, and very funny... It will be sad to see either one of them go.. I love Em both...

Bluebonnets4me 1976 days ago

They are so cute together. I Hate that they can't stay 2gether til the end! Jordan is one of the sweetest girls in BB history! Jeff deserves 2 stay & make it 2 the final 2!!

LilMissKris_10 1976 days ago

Awww... They're adorable! Jeff is sexy! I don't want Jeff to leave. :(

blondeshel 1976 days ago

They are cute together, but what will bcome of this in the REAL world?

tiffanyjozie 1976 days ago

Adorable! Does anyone else think that Michele is annoying the way she mummbles her words and nobody can understand her? Gawd!

cillaj 1976 days ago

I love that little Jordan...what a little doll..and Jeff goes without saying........................sad

ItsJadeAshley 1976 days ago

Man iCnt beliEve iT smh they should just fiNally kiSs now lol

OliviaRoy 1976 days ago

Will miss them so much, they are fantastic together.

luvbug070106 1976 days ago

Man, they are so cute. I don't want either of them to go. The show is going to suck after they leave!