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2612 days ago


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REALMISSKIMMIE 2611 days ago

Natalie has a bf????? He must be gay she is a SHIM to the max!! Shes SO discusting!! And Kevin PLEASE!! They BOTH need to be sent packing!! I hope Jordan or Michelle win HOH and POV!!

JCLKALNPL 2612 days ago


Bluebonnets4me 2612 days ago

I hope Michele screws those 2 bitches over good!

blondeshel 2612 days ago

Kevin is an okay guy but he needs to cut the parasite loose.

blondeshel 2612 days ago

I can't stand NataLIE. She never shuts up. She is a self-centered pig nosed little parasite.

rob_bonz 2612 days ago

natalie - pouta

Debask77 2612 days ago

The biggest Bitches in the house!! Nastalie and Kevin!!

SherryinBA 2612 days ago

I used to like Kevin but now he's shown his true colors. No more. Never liked dirty Natalie. I will be so pissed if she wins. She's been a big liar from day one.

ValerieCarney 2612 days ago

Nat is dirty. Inside and out!!! Both are lazy bitches!

alyyson05 2612 days ago

i agree with u, they r nothing but dirty liars! they only care about themselves, especially natalie, kevin is all right, but is still a backstabber!

maworthy05 2612 days ago

Uggg...they make me throw up in my mouth! These two are the worst people in America...that's the only thing they should win is that title!