Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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yeehawcountry 2029 days ago

love the shades!!

kidzhottopics 2032 days ago

ur bad ur not sapposed to be taking pics and listing to music now i now what u were doing be for our after u guys filmed the history o and good job by the way

GALOVER1505 2037 days ago

love your hair lips body everything i want you so bad

MsLuxLisbon 2043 days ago

Whats with the EXACT same look in EVERY pic of this guy? It makes him seem sooo full of himself!

OnyxDragon 2044 days ago

Chollar Mine Great Episode...Gave Me Goosebumps

raymster_k 2051 days ago

in the words of my friend "whoa baby!"

HopeMSwashere 2075 days ago

i am in love with your hair!

lego_mego 2087 days ago


JessieMac09 2095 days ago

chocoholicsandy 2115 days ago

wow! so poser! haha... but good looking

BarnChick1313 2134 days ago

OMG you sun glasses rock!!

EVALOVESGA 2137 days ago

you look hot in this pic!! but then again you look hot in all your pics!

Furychick83 2145 days ago

Love this pic of you!!!!!

MaryAga 2149 days ago


kermlindusk 2150 days ago

Zak's trade mark hair O_o!! No wonder that woman possed his body, She couldn't resist the hair... (lol).

arciegonzalez 2150 days ago

Hawt! So Yeahh When Are You Comingg Home? i Miss you :)

Haha Just Kiddingg! Anywayyy When You Comingg Backk To Tombstone Likke Shit We Needa Hit That Bordello Uhp Winkk Winkk :)

EmeraldMagick 2150 days ago

Mr. Cool :) Where's this at?

ShawtyMaynee 2152 days ago

in my other comment i put september..i meant october...haahaa

mckeeverSuenDen 2152 days ago

zak u have such a cute smile u take ur pic wit such a serious look u really have a mushmello heart. when u laugh thats the zak that is so liked :0)

jackienspook1 2152 days ago

you are a hottie :)