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2735 days ago


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type3dude 2734 days ago

yea its a 99 dodge viper gts acr for sure :)

tontonpatate 2735 days ago

Off screen digital photo is the best way to enhance a screen picture.
Why don't you post some real buffer shoots.

So far it looks like downgraded GT5 photomode shoot. Your work deserves better than that, and people will always compare your product to

PeskyBendben 2735 days ago

Yes, that is the 1999 Dodge Viper ACR, if i'm not wrong... :)

kcivic 2735 days ago

yeaaa 99

kcivic 2735 days ago

99 viper

AlkalineProdigy 2735 days ago

I think its just the GTR one right

hubi2k 2735 days ago

Dodge Viper GTS

psmurf_16 2735 days ago

1996 dodge viper gts acr

AlkalineProdigy 2735 days ago

1996 Dodge Viper

nickskripsky 2735 days ago

Yep - Viper GTS ACR. Probably the same one he posted the other day. Good eye.

psmurf_16 2735 days ago

1996 acr

psmurf_16 2735 days ago

Yep defiantly the viper dash! Damn!

psmurf_16 2735 days ago


mini_latka 2735 days ago

That's not the viper you posted yesterday, is it?