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'I know i've dreamed you a sin and a lie I have my freedom but dont have much time Faith has been broken tears must be cried Lets do some living after we die'

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PandaDourado_ 1872 days ago

Ollie s2

nicolestis 1930 days ago

luke *o*

Alternat_ivo 2001 days ago

Luke *_____________*

blimylauren_xox 2099 days ago

Bfff's. Best fucking friends forever. Pineapple Express has a caption for EVERYTHING.

itsingridbitch_ 2115 days ago

Luke, so pretty

huasamaria 2118 days ago

Luke :)~~~

Kalistratova 2176 days ago

вы клееевые ;)))))

ExoticNinfo 2221 days ago

olie and luke, jj & fred

patti_rk 2240 days ago

Ollie,lindo como sempre *-------------------------------*

juliamaiac 2282 days ago

esse luke é tão feio, me impressiono diariamente (ironia) hahaha

lenabjeka 2286 days ago

fuck noo..im horny again...hahaha =D

DABieberClassic 2313 days ago

Tottaly Fit <3

amylevels_ 2511 days ago

D; LUKEE, why you so goreeeejouss?! ;D♥♥♥

Icametomysenses 2546 days ago


Elizabet_Brudz 2578 days ago

aaa sweeeet )

fall_foliage 2586 days ago

...*something about a baby though :|*

fall_foliage 2586 days ago

i was talking to my friend about series 4 Skins the other day as we're both massive fans, & she was saying about JJ gets a girlfriend & i thought she said a girlfriend who has a BIONIC baby & i was like wtf LOL. but thats not what she said.. something abo

arisawake 2589 days ago

lol lovely funny ;p

bennyctorkaski 2641 days ago

HAHAH, Ollie e o Luque arrazando SEMPRE !

Cristinnne 2642 days ago

Love it!