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27 riders from 9 different nationalities racing for Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Chris with pain and pain in the heart and no luck in the year.

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2649 days ago

Chris with pain and pain in the heart and no luck in the year.


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Meylina8 2649 days ago

get well soon and hope 2010 will be a rockin' year!

stormyride 2649 days ago

Oh deary me not again. 2009 was not your year...2010 will be, so get well soon and look forward to seeing you back on those pedals soon

tridoo 2649 days ago

What a bummer. If not for bad luck...
Hope 2010 is a better season. Without the crashes this year you would have rocked!

5900superlite 2649 days ago

wow Chris not again. I hope you skip to 2010 and this all goes away.

lokiincharge 2649 days ago

Sorry to hear of your exit from La Vuelta - speedy recovery

sierracanon 2649 days ago

Oh man... what a drag!! Sending good energy your way for healing of body and heart!

wolfrich 2649 days ago

Bummer man! I've got to think you've used up your bad luck this year. Hope next year is ALL GOOD luck. Heal fast.

caroviarmes 2649 days ago

wondering if you didn't fell in love with a nurse Mr Redneck who didn't break his neck! Not again....

pbmdvm 2649 days ago

It hurts to see my favorite pro rider out again. But somehow I know you'll have a great season next year!

hschnellinger 2649 days ago

Get well soon!

KevinTodd9 2649 days ago

Tough luck. Hang in there, you're due for some good luck!

GhengisJung 2649 days ago

Amazing spirit!

Cat5Dad 2649 days ago

Close the door on 2009 and look forward to 2010!

j_c_higgins 2649 days ago

I'm bummed. I wanted to see Horner climb some mountains and do well. *sigh* Heal up, Chris! Next year it will be better.

gfallar 2649 days ago

take care of yourself

Im4tun8 2649 days ago

Poor guy :( Rest up, mend, and 2010 has to be a better year for you!