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Watching a Cal-Fire helicopter tanker fighting the Oak Glen 3 fire. They do great work!

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2191 days ago

Watching a Cal-Fire helicopter tanker fighting the Oak Glen 3 fire. They do great work!


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JaniineDe 2179 days ago

Your ring is cool! :-)

vic_kie_ 2188 days ago

Gefällt mir !! Hope you still speak german.. =)

viciousocorazon 2190 days ago

Oh wait someone else did say it .. ahah.

viciousocorazon 2190 days ago

Because I'm sure no-one else has said it " GET TO THE CHOPPPER !!!!!!"

ale160cv 2190 days ago

im proud of you Mr Schwarzenegger,You are near the people and looking for their needs,im from Argentina where fires are also unincontolable but our authorities are missing,hope they see what you are doing.hope the fire ends soon here and in California,bes

jpmdon69 2190 days ago

I live in Ireland but I have an irish uncle living in Yu Caipa keep up the good work . If you need water weve plenty worst summer in over a century here in Ireland !!

kalenjss 2191 days ago

Heavy smoke... that's a terrible fire ... but the picture is very cool, like in a movie.

novacainefix 2191 days ago

Spacewonder> The thing on the bottom of the chopper is a suction hose to suck up water from lakes, reservoirs, ponds and in extreme cases swimming pools. Just think of this chopper as a flying shop vac that dumps the water it sucks up.

dahliee 2191 days ago

this photo is very nice angle, like a cinematic.

spacewonder 2191 days ago

Sir,what is that funny thing hanging below the chopper?

matturbanowski 2191 days ago

Wow, looks like the blades aren't turning on the chopper.

Death_Burnout 2191 days ago

Words can't describe this amazing picture.

mops566 2191 days ago

passt gut auf euch auf ihr californischen feuerwehrleute ;o)

TalarT 2191 days ago

Looks like a shot from True Lies??! Grab the cable!

retsniVeht 2191 days ago

I'll Be Back ... Boy Scouts Honor

nick_on 2191 days ago

Why don't they simply ask Jesus to send'em rain?

yorkyfrank 2191 days ago

well sir i send the whole of california my best wishes and pray it all goes well them people who fight these fires are very brave

1baccas 2191 days ago

That is one Big Mood Ring Mr. Schwarzenegger. What does blue mean again?

LincolnHox 2191 days ago

Get to the Choppa!

KateLoveLo 2191 days ago

Кольцо действительно красивое!)