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2697 days ago


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B0bnweave 2665 days ago

Its hard to believe its a screen shot! It looks incredible

PeskyBendben 2696 days ago

Yeah, now on the 510 they would be sweet :P

faabak 2696 days ago

I hope there will be other Cragar wheels as well in the game! I can only imagine these wheels on the muscle cars! Or on the 1970 Datsun 510!! :D

PeskyBendben 2696 days ago

this looks amazing! any news of when the reveals will be this week?

TimBrad 2696 days ago

That looks awesome :)

davidkenobi 2696 days ago

If we had seen the tire structure used ..it would have been great

maverickcro 2696 days ago

weld racing ?

NimirRaj 2696 days ago

CRAGAR Series 351 Chrome Street Lock "D" Window Steel Wheel

Tool831 2697 days ago

:D For a quick second i thought this was real.. xD Till i saw the black cut on the bottom of the image. Excellent shot!

AlkalineProdigy 2697 days ago

Crager 351 Series Chrome Street Lock "D" Window

IAM112 2697 days ago

I just peeed

kcivic 2697 days ago

what kind of Cragars

Endofshift 2697 days ago

omg amazing!!!!!

psmurf_16 2697 days ago


AlkalineProdigy 2697 days ago


Hi_Im_David 2697 days ago


MSDDrifter 2697 days ago