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In Auburn meeting a Sheriff's Deputy who pulled someone out of the fire. This is a real action hero.

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2607 days ago

In Auburn meeting a Sheriff's Deputy who pulled someone out of the fire. This is a real action hero.


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QUEENMARTI 2605 days ago


cjamoney 2606 days ago

I grew up in that sad.

whammer500 2606 days ago

By the way good job deputy, this is why yu are here.

whammer500 2606 days ago

to the guy talking about BART, the police are too bz giving out traffic tickets to boost revenues under the disguise of public safety due to the economy. They should be doing what yu said. Let us keep our money to buy goods and services boosts the econo

Missperfectjay 2606 days ago

Thats nice...I hope they can stop the fire.

sturmfan 2606 days ago

Gr8 effort! This man defenitely has to be honored!

lifetimeaward 2606 days ago

The Deputy is a great man of courage, as are you. Your role as action hero is now, as the Governor of California, and all of the actions you take everyday to better the State and people you love.

beachiegal89 2606 days ago

Wow, congratulations on the Sheriff's Deputy for saving a person from the fire. Great photo.

kalenjss 2606 days ago

All the best

francispotato 2606 days ago

Good job deputy; we need more heroes like him & you governor.

dahliee 2606 days ago

The last action hero meets a real action hero.

MilesDean 2606 days ago

Where are the ordinary, everyday women? They don't exist because this is a movie!

mamailacapilti 2607 days ago

two thumbs up..

etroutma 2607 days ago

Upon return from Raider game Saturday about 3:00 PM a crazy, assault my boy. Then his father assaulted me on BART, not one police office came to my rescue. What good are the cameras on BART?

karenatrha 2607 days ago

Placer County Sheriff's ROCK!

trackingrr 2607 days ago

I'm training my tracking dogs to help with California Disasters like this. Hope you wil support us SAR dog owners and put a STOP to AR spay and neuter laws. More can be done with honey than vinegar when it comes to gets dogs spayed and neutered.

SEAangels14 2607 days ago

True. I bet that meant a lot to them, too, for you to say Governor You really bee bop around like & & do. That's a compliment for being so hands on. GBU

funkigirlie 2607 days ago

i think that is a very cool pic!!!

spacewonder 2607 days ago

Well done firemen!U've done yr great job to extinguish the flame!Excellent!!

retrothomas 2607 days ago

Wow, awesome! How inspiring! While that Deputy is truly heroic, you are still my hero, Arnold.