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Courtesy @ChrisSamnee ... behold MODUCK!!!

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2460 days ago

Courtesy ... behold MODUCK!!!


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ironmanarmory 2459 days ago

Awesome pic. But why is MODUCK wearing pants?

04nbod 2459 days ago

Next the House of M(ouse)

max2099 2459 days ago


DJENIGMASD 2459 days ago

F-king AWESOME!!!

OAFE 2459 days ago

Someone tell !

Blazefire33 2459 days ago

ROFL! That is awesome

culturesclothes 2459 days ago

This is the best thing to come out of the Marvel-Disney news so far lol Awesome!

popGeezer 2459 days ago

This crazy deal just might work!! #disneymarvel

NewMutant 2459 days ago

and the HAT!! GWAAAAAAAKKK!! That HAT!!

NewMutant 2459 days ago

love how his headfeathers are all ... moducky! I always wondered what bothered me most about that big ass head. ECZEMA!

dannymears 2459 days ago

This pleases me greatly.

Eisues 2459 days ago

This is genius

Superpouvoir 2459 days ago

Great ! ^^

Zeblue_Prime 2460 days ago

this is, indeed, quite awesome!

danifesto 2460 days ago